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Client Name

Nubia's Crown

Project Name

Brand Identity Redesign 


Lead Brand Identity Designer 

Time frame: 

4 weeks 


Produced a full brand deck and social media strategy that is currently used across brands social media channels. 

This resulted in the client returning for a web design project, view here




Create/redesign a modern and consistent brand identity for Nubia's Crown that reflect the brand ethos and values.


Nubia's Crown is a hair company founded in 2019, they specialise in high-quality crochet hair extensions and head-wraps. was born was out of the frustration of how unenjoyable the hair shopping experience had become. Black women are already unable to access extension styles that are affordable and suitable for their protective styling needs. As a black woman-owned business, the customer’s needs and satisfaction are at their core, therefore a friendly and supportive shopping experience is vital.



Whilst Nubia's Crown is a growing brand, they do not feel as though they are connecting with their target audience on a deeper,  this is due to the lack of consistency in their visual identity. They want a more millennial-friendly aesthetic but are unsure of how to achieve that and bridge the gap between them and their target audience.


  • To establish a consistent tone of voice.

  • To have are a strong and modern visual identity.

  • Refine brand mission statement.

  • To Connect to their target audience on a deeper level.


A brand pack/ bible which will include:

  • Mission Statement

  • Brand Story

  • Logo Variations

  • Colour Palette

  • Typography

  • Iconography

  • Social media strategy and design

branding process.png

My design process


The first step in the research phase was to speak to the client, understand their goals and their vision. When it comes to branding projects especially I like to take a collaborative approach, so during my initial client consultation, I set up some audit questions (View here). The answers to these questions informed my research process and helped me understand the general direction that the client wants to go in. 

Market Research

market research.png

I performed market research in order to understand where Nubia's Crown sits within the market, from the client consultation I picked two competitors, in which I did more in-depth research into their visual identity and tone of voice.



I gathered the insights from my market research and client consultation and created 3 mood boards which slightly different creative directions; nature, boldness and minimalism. Whilst the creative directions were slightly different, I made I echoed the brand ethos which is 'feminine, strong, youthful'. 



Next Steps 

- Start fleshing out ideas for the logo re-design 

- Refine colour Palette 

- Collate ideas for typography 

- Explore/design various social media templates. 


Initial Ideas

Logo variations.png
Colour palette.png


- Really liked the ideas and wanted to go forward with this direction 

- We discussed the tone of voice, the brand's current tone of voice and the tone they want to embody. Here I asked a set of questions shared what I thought the tone of voice should be. 


brand pack cover.png
Brand pack collection.png


As this was my first brand identity project, It was ultimately a huge learning experience. What was most important to me was collaborating with the client as this was a very young company so any creative direction taken was quite personal. Empathy was at the core of this collaboration because I had to put myself in both the customer's shoes and the client's shoes. 

This project allowed me to explore and develop my UI skills, I explored colour palettes and typography and the feelings that they can evoke. 

Although this was a visual project, moving forward I would like to incorporate user experience. In the brand pack, I suggested the brand do Instagram polls asking their followers how they feel about the new branding. Both I and the client can then use this quantitative data to measure the success of the visual new direction. 

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