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UX UI Designer


5 months


Delivered a mobile app to guide participant through the study set up and task.

Project brief 

The project resumed after a pause following the Product Discovery phase.
During the Build phase, the main ask of the project was to bring the laboratory study experience to an in-home environment. This included the design and delivery of a seamless in-home mobile experience for data collection from the study participants.


Neuro-Insight is a neuro-marketing company that offers real-time brainwave scanning to help marketers improve their digital and tv advertising. This is done by examining encoded memories, engagement, attention and emotional engagement of participants in a on-site laboratory study.

Ways of Working 

In order to produce quick deliverables and iterations, the project followed the Scrum methodology. 


Problems and opportunities 

Problem statement

Participants would usually come into the Neuro-Insight labs for the brainwave study, where they were required to set up a specific time and travel to a location. The existing device set-up and system was too complex for the participant and required the help of study experts.
In order to reduce the study complexity and create a more authentic testing environment, there was the need for an app to seamlessly guide users through the study set up and data collection process in the comfort of their homes.



Deliver a mobile app that connects & coordinates other components, serves the content to test, that is used by 1 participant and creates usable data and facilitates its upload for processing.

Post MVP

Deliver an in-home experience that is used by 100 participants and creates usable data and optimises user experience.

User Goals 

The users should be able to easily set up the devices at home and conduct the study with clear instructions. They need to feel comfortable in their environment for the duration of the study.

Business Goals

The in-home experience would bridge the gap between the immediate milestone – enabling a large group of people to reliably collect data – and long-term vision of integrating the end-to-end study process across all platforms.
Eventually to enable research for non-linear journeys (eg: on social media, websites, etc.) the mobile app would pave the way for the long-term goal. The need for remote testing was also accelerated with the onset of the pandemic.




Ideation and UI design evolution 

Design Evolution 

Iterations made as the designs evolved from low, mid to high. 

Design System



Dark mode


Product and Design decisions


Working with the product, development, client and design teams has been a greatly enjoyable experience with ample opportunity to learn and grow with the team. The design process was iterative with user-centric principles in mind whilst learning how appropriately prioritise business, user and product needs. The potential to expanded this opportunity is boundless!

Next Steps 

Check usability with potential users
Collaborate on brainstorming sessions with the team
Big picture concepts and designs for post-MVP

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