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EDF Energy

Mobile App

UI Designer 

UX Designer 

UX Researcher

Create a multifunctional app that can be used alongside or as an alternative to the Edf website. This app should contain functions such as the ability to top up, check balance, statements and tariffs.



On Wednesday the 2nd of December, exactly a week since my last top-up. My brain instinctively knew that it was time for me to top up again, with confirmation from the smart meter I begrudgingly logged into the EDF website from my mobile browser. Every time I go through this process, a few questions pop into my head. Why is the interface so crowded and overwhelming? Why does it take me so long to access the top-up feature? Why can I never access my statements and past payments? Most importantly, why can’t I access all of this on an app through the click of a button?

A bit about EDF

EDF is a UK based energy company that supplies electricity and gas to approximately 5.7million people. It was originally founded in France in 2002 and became a British based company in 2009. 

Problem Statement

'When contrasted with the way challenger banks have utilised mobile apps to win customers, energy firms are still failing to expand their services to offer anything beyond a nuts-and-bolts method of payment management.'  Consultancy.Uk 

There are growing ways to pay for electricity and gas in the UK, you can do prepayments, direct debits, or even annual payments. Seeing as most people spend a lot of their time on their phones and gas and electricity are standard bills, there should be a more efficient way to keep track of and stay on top of your payments.


Create a mobile app option for EDF energy as they do not currently have one. This is to facilitate pre-payments, show usage data and submit readings within an app that is simple and easy to navigate. 

Personal Goals

Project Goals

  • To build upon my skills as a UX Designer and UX Researcher

  • To get used to building Case Studies 

  • Become more comfortable with the ideation stage, i.e refining my wireframing 

  • Improve my UI design skills, especially in Figma

  • To create an app that is functional yet easy to navigate - something that will be easy for a wide demographic to use. 

  • To gain a concrete understanding of the Energy provider market and why the current applications are unpopular/non-existent by conducting Business Research. 

  • To create a personable and warm interface that makes the process of paying your bills a bit easier.

Discover:  Business Research 


User Research Reviews/Customer Complaints

british gas reviews.png
green reviews.png
octupus reviews.png

Key Takeaways: 

 Language sets the tone for a digital product, I noticed that the Green energy uses familiar and warm language its homepage, which I believe generates trust is in the user. 

Users do not want to feel limited when using the app, although Octopus Energy is often compared to EDF,  users found it difficult to access important information that was reliable. Therefore, ease of use and access is imperative. 

Simple and clear UI is important for users, they do not want to be bombarded with information during their user journey. 

Users would prefer multiple payment methods. 

Define: User Persona

user persona.png

Develop: Wireframing 


Deliver: Prototypes 

mockup 2.png


Energy companies profit billions a year, coupled with this energy is a basic utility, however there always seems to be a disconnect between the energy and the customer. In the article the quoted earlier in this case study, energy providers were compared to banking. Banking apps have adapted to their customer's need for flexibility and efficiency, with features such as paying bills and live chat. Something energy providers have not done for their customers. Within the current climate, it is becoming more and more imperative for companies to invest in their digital products, and investment in an app that is efficient and responsive could improve the customer experience whilst putting less strain on the company, especially through the call centres. 

Thank you for reading!

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