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British Airways

UI Designer

2 weeks

British Airways wanted to revamp their performance management app (an internal system that tracks crew member's performance) in a way that gives both leadership and crew more flexibility and full visibility around job performance, overall career trajectory.

The ask was to design an Integral part of the performance management app called 'Colleague The Page'. This section does not have an existing design so I developed a proof of concept right from sketches to through to high fidelity screens. 


Wireframes - Colleague on a page.png


Mid fidelity wireframes allowed me efficiently design screens  that give an idea of the solution without fully investing time into colours and UI, especially within the short time frame that was given. 

I was also able to enlist feedback from the product team at this stage, we discussed structure/layout, journey and possible content. 

Ultimately content was the deciding factor and influenced majority of the layout and user flow. 

Final Design

high fi.png

Style Guide


Although I have worked on certain elements of this project on previous projects, the tight deadline meant that the design processes were intensified and had to be carried out more efficiently. I was a very vague and underdeveloped concept which required me to neatly define and visualise it for them. 

Setting up templates for the screens and style guides enabled efficiency and consistency. Therefore, I was able to get the deliverables back to BA within the required timeframe.  Their response was very positive and the series of question from the BA team enabled  a productive discussion surrounding future iterations. 

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