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A brief overview

A UX designer who is creative, curious and passionate about people. 

A bit more about me 

After about 2-3 years in the fashion industry, I came across UI UX Design through social media and as someone who is creative, curious and is passionate about understanding people, I was instantly drawn to this career path. After almost a year of youtube videos, podcasts and medium articles, I decided to take the plunge and join Love Circular's UI UX Design boot-camp programme. 


I developed my skills in research, wire-framing and UI design. These skills allowed me to complete two case studies end to end. From then I enrolled on a mentoring programme where I met an amazing mentor.

After completing a couple of freelance projects I landed a role at AND Digital as a UX designer and have been there ever since. At AND I chance to work with a variety of clients which allowed me to grow and learn as a designer fairly quickly. My passion for UX and the way it affect people's lives positively makes me excited for new experiences and challenges.

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